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In its product portfolio, PEUGEOT has one of the most charming vehicles ever developed by Marca. Combining harmoniously and elegantly two silhouettes in one vehicle, the 308 CC offers the Brazilian consumer the coupe’s sportiness and cabriolet charm. All in just 20 seconds at the touch of a button … The 308 CC reaffirms the presence of PEUGEOT in a historic segment for the Brand. Adding personality and excitement to a new driving experience, the model brings strong attributes such as imposing style, unique design and rich technological contentA DIFFERENTIAL VEHICWith a balance of volumes particularly studied, in both its coupe and cabriolet configuration, the 308 CC emerges as a modern, dynamic and strong-tempered sculpture. The windshield has a steep incline and the sports bumpers are creased, with a more open air intake and chrome grille.The fog lights have a more elongated contour and perfectly fit into another remarkable element , thanks to its boomerang format: LED daytime running lights, which increase the visibility of the vehicle and, consequently, its safety, giving a unique light signature both by day as by night. The profile design, both in the coupe and cabriolet form, expresses fluidity, stability and richness. A chrome frieze delimits the glass and lengthens its silhouetteThe balance of the rear is one of the most important assets for the aesthetic success of this coupe cabriolet. In the case of the 308 CC, a horizontal reading of the rear face was sought, favoring the impression of width and stability. At the top, the boot lid shapes naturally accommodate the rear aerodynamic device and the thin blade of the third LED brake light. In the lower area, the dark surface of the air diffuser, interrupted in the center by the body color, contributes to the visual enlargement of the model.Completely in accordance with the style and designation of the vehicle, the 18-inch aluminum wheels contribute to the dynamism of the 308 CC.


By day and night, the lanterns with LED lights, all red, mark the 308 CC very privately and evenly illuminate the part to the ends. Thus, they generate a diagonal “claw” effect, recalling the coupe cabriolet 504, 1969.FULLY AUTOMATIC RETRACTABLE BACKPIECThe 308 CC features a retractable two-part roof with a low surface moving part and a large rear roof glass that separates from column B at the time of folding, with advantage to the space occupied in the luggage compartmentThis retractable roof configuration reduced the hood’s maneuvering time, now in 20 seconds, even with the vehicle moving at a speed of less than 12 km / h, and the means to achieve quality in terms of slack and leveling , tightness and robustness of operation.The bonnet mechanism, consisting of tie rods and several locks, uses five pistons and an electric pump to move it. The assembly is controlled by a new electronic central that activates the descent of the four glasses in about 50 mm before the beginning of the maneuver. The process of opening the ceiling can be monitored thanks to the animation spread on the retractable color navigation screen , which also displays messages related to the of the ceiling. The unlocking and opening of the luggage compartment are remote controlled and are carried out by means of a specific button on the ignition key. To guarantee the lateral sealing of the roof, the vehicle uses a new set of “U” shaped joints, designed and developed by Peugeot, chosen for good acoustic performance. In order to ensure the best possible sealing performance, the system for lowering the glass (20 mm) when the doors were opened (“short drop”), controlled by a sensor with an electrical sensitivity. When the hand touches the handle, in a few milliseconds the glass lowers and freezes from the gasket.


The rear of the 308 CC was particularly crafted to reconcile style, dynamism and reasonable luggage capacity in either configuration. The work destined to gain precious millimeters worked. The width between the wheeled boxes has increased by 27 mm to reach 1017 mm, while the length of the luggage rack at floor level is 781 mm. The available height between the floor of the luggage compartment and the cover screen is 304 mm. The available distance between the floor of the luggage compartment and the boot lid is 581 mm. This development is reflected in the capacity of the trunk. In the cabriolet configuration, the two-part roof system proves to be a very efficient synthesis in terms of luggage spacehe total volume of the luggage compartment below the cover screen is 266 liters (34 liters more than the previous model generation). In the coupe configuration, the total luggage compartment volume reaches 465 liters.The trunk has carpeted side coverings, chrome luggage anchoring rings, pre-signaling triangle straps and a convenient retention net. The luggage compartment has its own light source – one on the luggage compartment lid, allowing the luggage compartment to be lit vertically, and the other on the side wall, illuminating below the cover.he volume available under the carpet allows the folded windstop and the supplementary pre-signaling triangle to be housed in reinforced spaces and in the background, on the bottom, the on-board tools and the steppe.


The 308 CC maintains a high level of comfort even in the cabriolet version. This is due to the following factors:architecture in which the inclination of the windshield and the lowering of the seats of the front passengers are structurally favorable to the protection against air swirls and, combined with the steering column adjustable in height and depth, extremely sporty driving position ;· An automatic Bi-Zone air conditioning that intelligently recognizes and adapts its cartography to the cabriolet configuration, in order to propose a temperature and an air distribution in correlation with the control instructions and the external conditions (sun, outside temperature …) Windstop, a turbulence-suppressing air-swirling net that, when used, folds in four parts and lodges in the trunk; And, above all, the Airwave system (heating of the neck), which, with the engine running, throws an adjustable airflow to the back of the neck of the front passengers. This system, integrated in each of the head supports, is composed of a CTP (Control Temperature Program) in ceramic and by a propeller pulser. A control located next to the air outlet allows to orient the flow, so as to adapt it to the height of the occupant.


Designed in the tradition of top-of-the-range coupes, the front seats have integrated headrests and appear shaped to the occupants’ body. Its design takes the “V” theme known from the 308 and the stylized grille of the Airwave hot air diffuser contributes to its originality.he rear seats, which are heavily dug, also have integrated headrests with a structure that houses the safety arches.

The exclusive concern is also visible in a wide variety of specific pieces, which contribute to the refinement of the CC silhouette:

· White-faced dials;

· Leather-trimmed steering wheel with a satin chrome trim;

· Wide surface for noble elements, both in the visual and tactile aspect (like the slush-type coating, soft to the touch);

· The black piano decoration in the central console;

· Central console redesigned around specific “CC” commands (retractable roof, simultaneous operation of the four windows, Airwave system and multifunction display control).

The foam of the seats favors the lumbar support and the side bolsters with reinforced interior offer both comfort and support, allowing quality to last in time.

Electric seats are a technical feat, as they can simultaneously integrate the head airbag, the Airwave system, the chest / head airbag, the seat heating, the rear seat access system, the (seat of the passenger), the electric controls of the seat and the memorizations of driving positions (driver’s seat).


With careful attention to detail, this four-seater cabriolet coupe did not neglect access to the rear seats.For example, the driver’s seat is advanced thanks to the seat’s side handle, which tilts it forward, triggering its electric sliding. The electric recoil of the seat is carried out by raising the backrest and holding down a button located immediately below the handle, which allows, with complete safety for the rear passengers, to choose the recoil distance according to the wingspan of these or, at most , to the stored position (on the driver’s side). These attentions underline the care taken to accommodate the four occupants, making the 308 CC a real four places, with four head restraints, four support handles and four movable glass, each with its switch.


Multiple stowage spaces are a strong point of the 308 CC: The 10.3-liter glove compartment and center console space are automatically closed by the remote control when the vehicle is locked – an essential performance for a potentially parked model as cabriolet;· The rigid door pockets, divided into two parts and accessible to all occupants, offer 3.10 liters of capacity on each side and allow to receive three bottles of water of 0.5 liter;· The nets on the back of the front seats have a variable height depending on the presence of the Airwave syste· And like any 308, the small 0.53-liter driver-side holds objects within reach, while a hook allows one or more sacks to be suspended and prevent their contents from being poured.Attention to the smallest details can also be checked by LED lighting in the exterior mirror, creating a beam of light along the doors and completing the exterior and interior ambient lighting (automatic lighting of headlights, lanterns, threshold lighting doors and footwells).


An important feature in the specifications of the 308 CC, the acoustic comfort benefits, from the outset, the background work carried out in the range 308 regarding insulation. In addition, important work was carried out focusing specifically on the rear part of this silhouette, as well as on its doors (plate, window mechanism, seals).The filtered sound level also benefits from the acoustic treatment of the engine casing and the various mechanisms of the model (electro-hydraulic roof unit, Airwave system motor , etc.), but also the beneficial effect of damper, a counterweight implanted in the rear suspension to limit rolling noiseThis set was optimized to give the 308 CC, in its coupe configuration, a good level of acoustic comfort in terms of the absence of aerodynamic noise.

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